Once you have added your website, you can start importing creatives to the ad spots. Click on "Add creative" button and follow the steps.

How to set up creative?

Step 1: Assign the creative to a campaign. The campaign is a set of rules for your creatives, like GEO targeting, visibility filters, etc.

The basic set of RON campaigns will be created for each ad type you choose when creating your website. You can see the full campaigns list on the Ad Mediation tab.

Create a new campaign if you'd like to add specific targetting. It will be displayed at Ad Mediation tab where you can adjust it later on:

Step 2: To import creatives from the AdNetwork you have an account with, please link it to our platform +Link Ad Network. You will need to do it only once for each Ad Network you want to link with us.

You will find further instructions at the Link Ad Network form:

Step 3: Import a creative. Some Ad Networks support creative auto-importing, some not. In my case, Exoclick supports importing popunder creatives.

So the only thing I need to do is to press on [ Import from Ad network ] button and select ExoClick popunder zone which I want to use for this creative.

After that, Zone_id and Link URL will be filled automatically:

That's it! Scroll down the page and save your first creative.

If an ad network doesn't support auto importing, you will see the message:

It's not a problem, it just means that you will have to add Zone_id and a Link URL manually that you will find within your Ad Network account. In some cases, you may need to contact your Ad Network's support manager. How to find ad zone code/link url and zone_id read in Ad networks manuals

Direct advertiser ads or ad networks not from our list.

If you sell traffic to a direct advertiser or another partner network, choose 'No Network' and leave ‘Zone ID’ field empty. Fill in ‘Code’ or ‘Link URL’ fields manually. If you want your creative to take a part in the auction add CPM for it.

Step 4: Get code. Once the creative was added and you see it under the chosen ad spot on the Platforms tab (Learn more) you can copy-paste the code for this ad spot to your website.
Nevertheless, we recommend adding 3 - 5 creatives to increase the ad spot coverage:

Feel free to get in touch with our Support Team via Live Chat if you need any assistance.

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