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Create Banners Multi-Format ad zone within ExoClick
Create Banners Multi-Format ad zone within ExoClick

Here is a manual on how to create a multi-format ad zone to be imported to AdSpyglass

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With Multi-Format, you can add multiple zones of banners to this single zone. Either by stacking them in a grid layout or by having them compete against each other for maximum revenue.

Here are a few advice and insights from our side to successfully create it:

  • when creating a Multi-Format with ExoClick, we advise you to choose to show several banners at once (for example, 3 * 300 * 250 + 900 * 250 + Native or 300 * 100 + 300 * 250 + Native) as CPM growth from ExoClick is expected here;

  • if you add it as an Adaptive banner with us, please keep in mind that different sizes can be shown (for example, 300 * 250, or 728 * 90), and if the markup on the site is not ready for this, then it may not be displayed correctly;

  • if you add a Banner of a certain size, then ExoClick Native zones will select ads based on the specified sizes. ExoClick ad zones of specific sizes may be cut if not matching the banner size chosen within AdSpyglass;

  • it is still worth placing the code in the campaign with banners from other Ad Networks;

  • the setting on our site is done as usual. You can also auto-import Multi-Format ad zones, check the summary statistics for it, while on the Exo side you need to look at each zone separately.

If you add/replace zones with Multi-Format, we will appreciate it if you name the creative Multi-Format or Multizone. Then we will be able to analyze the statistics and give feedback to everyone on the overall dynamics.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions 😊

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