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Verifying Your Profile
Verifying Your Profile

When working with AdSpyglass Marketplace.

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The verification process is an extra step in registering on the AdSpyglass platform.

As financial transactions become more seamless across the world, businesses and financial institutions inevitably expose themselves to the high risks of fraud and financial crime. That’s why there are more and more regulations involved whenever a business is dealing with money. Increased regulations also place the responsibility upon business to verify the identity of its users.

As AdSpyglass deals with payouts when distributing funds from Marketplace buyers your way, we are obligated by law to verify our users too. Essentially, it helps us protect you from fraud and abuse and make sure everything is secure.

⚠️ After August 1st, 2022 payouts for the Marketplace activity will be proceed to verified customers only.

We know you have questions, so we gathered the answers below.

What is identity verification?

Identity verification is a simple, secure, and fast process done by a verification service provider which is integrated into AdSpyglass member zone. The process is aimed to verify the identity of a user for authenticity and validate that they are who they claim to be.

Why do I need to do this?

Your AdSpyglass account will be receiving funds and later disburse them to you. For regulatory reasons, we are obligated to collect certain information from our users to verify their identities internally.

What payment systems is it related to?

Verification process is a must for every payment system you use withdrawing your Marketplace funds.

I received an email from AdSpyglass asking me to verify my identity, is this legit?

Yes, it is absolutely legit. We appreciate you being careful with your personal information and advise avoiding emails that may seem suspicious. If you have any doubts the email is indeed from AdSpyglass you can always check with our support representative via chat, or email us at

What docs do you need from me?

This depends on whether you are an individual or a company.

If you are an individual all we need from you is to pass the verification process with service where you will be asked to upload a copy (scan or photo) of a valid id with your picture on it and a selfie.

If you are a company we’ll need a copy of your VAT certificate or your company registration docs. If you have any other docs supporting your company’s payment details, submit them as well.

That’s it! The whole verification process takes just a couple of clicks and less than a minute of your time.

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