What are Multi formats?

Multi formats (TrafficStars calls theirs MasterSpot) are complex ad formats designed to get better profits out of your banners.

They allow serving banners and native ads in one ad spot. This way, you’ll pitch banners and native ads against each other and show the highest-paying format to each visitor. The Multiformat ad zones increase the number of eligible bids for your impressions and allow advertisers access to previously unavailable spots.

How to create a Multi format ad zone at ExoClick

  1. Create common zones:

2. Create a Multi format zone and unite the common ones into it:

How to set up MasterSpot at TrafficStars

  1. Create common spots:

2. Unite them into a MasterSpot:

After MasterSpot and Multiformat are created, you need to add the codes to your AdSpyglass panel

1. For Exoclick, link the zone via the “Import Zone ID and Code from Exoclick” button:

2. For TrafficStars, copy and paste the network’s code:

3. Then get your AdSpyglass code and add it to your website:

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