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How to create and run Flat Deals
How to create and run Flat Deals

Here you will learn how to work with the AdSpyglass Flat Deals Manager effectively and engage direct advertisers.

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What is the Flat Deals Manager

The Flat Deals Manager is an exciting new feature of the AdSpyglass platform that will help you increase your income by setting up flat deals with direct advertisers. Here you can create, organize, and automate your flat deal offers.

The main advantages of the Flat Deals feature:

  1. Direct monetization: With Flat deals, you can sell traffic directly to advertisers or promote your own offers without paying huge fees to ad networks. This gives you more control over your monetization strategy and can lead to higher revenue.

  2. Advertisers like it: Flat deals are a common type of deal that many advertisers are already familiar with. This makes it easier for them to understand and purchase traffic, which can lead to more sales and revenue.

  3. Customizable pricing models: You can choose how you prefer to sell your ad spots: fixed price per impression or a specific time period for the deal.

  4. Custom traffic segment deals. You can do a flat deal for a narrow traffic segment and don't care about the rest traffic on the spot. It will be sold to ad networks or other fallback options.

How does an Adspyglass flat deal work?

A Flat Deal is a new feature that allows you to sell traffic directly to advertisers or promote your own offers without having to go through ad networks. When you create a Flat deal, it will be prioritized over the other ads that you run in your ad spots, including the offers from ad networks and/or the AdSpyglass marketplace. This means that while a deal is active, all your traffic with the set targeting will go into this deal.

It's important to note that you cannot create two deals with the exact same settings. So if you already have a Flat deal that ends on February 15th, the system won't allow you to create a new deal with the same targeting for the same time period. This ensures that your deals remain unique and effective.

How to create and manage a flat deal

Go to your Marketplace section and select the Flat Deals manager:

A flat deal can also be added from your Websites section.

To create a new deal, click the Create Flat Deal button:

Adspyglass offers two types of Flat deals that you can offer to your advertisers:

  1. Flat CPM rate, which involves sending the agreed-upon traffic volume to the advertiser for an agreed-upon amount of money per thousand impressions (CPM). To set up this type of deal, you need to select the daily limits, CPM, and the period during which the deal will be active.

  2. Flat daily fee, which involves sending all your traffic with the agreed-upon targeting to the advertiser for an agreed-upon daily fee. To set up this type of deal, you need to select the period during which the deal will be active and the daily rate."

Historical data - This is the estimated income and CPM rate for the last 7 days for the targeting options you’ve selected above. Check these numbers before starting a new deal. The auction might turn out to be more profitable than a flat deal in some cases. Knowing these stats, you can make informed decisions the rates to request from your advertiser.

Now that your deal is created, you can see its details, edit, activate, pause, or archive it.

Note. If the deal is on pause, you can edit all its settings. If it’s active, you’ll have to pause the deal first to be able to edit it. Don’t forget to run the deal when you are done with editing.

The archive action can not be reversed. When a deal period is over, the deal is archived automatically.

Use the filters to see your archived deals. Select the Archived Status and click the Refresh button.

Clone - allows quickly creating the same deal. You can also use the archived deal as a template for your next deals, just changing its settings.

Search and filter your deals:

You can search and filter your flat deals by the parameters you set in the settings when creating a deal - ad format, stream, spot, deal type, geo, device, deal period, as well as the website, the status of the deal, and ID or name of the deal.

Click the Refresh button to get your results.

Get reports

To see how your flat deals are performing, go to your Reports section. You will find your flat deals in the creatives dropdown list.

We're confident that Flat deals will help you monetize your traffic more efficiently and effectively, and we can't wait to see the results.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this new feature, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team in chat or telegram.

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