What is AdSpyglass
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AdSpyglass is an advertising management tool designed to help webmasters increase the profitability of their websites. It allows webmasters to work with multiple ad networks, direct advertisers, and even add their own ads into the rotation. By diversifying ad sources and optimizing ad placements, AdSpyglass helps maximize ad revenue.

Traditionally, webmasters work with a single ad network for all their ad formats, which limits their ability to optimize ad impressions and increase their website's revenue. With AdSpyglass, webmasters can access a wide range of ad networks, direct advertisers, and add their own ads, enabling them to leverage multiple sources for ad monetization.

However, working with AdSpyglass requires some initial setup and configuration. Before getting started, webmasters need to analyze their website, traffic, and requirements regarding ad formats and placements. This analysis helps determine the most effective strategies for implementing AdSpyglass.

It's important to note that AdSpyglass is a self-serve platform, but we highly recommend taking advantage of our experts' advice during the initial setup.

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