AdSpyglass is proud to present our Anti AdBlock solution which is now capable of bypassing almost all ad blocks. To set up our Anti AdBlock solution:

1. Check your domain

Check that your domain does not have any mention of advertising in its name (like or and write this domain into the corresponding field. Click ‘Next’.

2. Create a CNAME record

Create a CNAME record for your custom domain pointing to domain and click ‘Finish’

If CNAME is correct, by clicking finish you will go further, otherwise you will get an error:

3. Download the script file from Anti AdBlock page

4. Upload this file to your CDN.

5. Get new codes

Get new codes on the Websites page, and replace all your website’s old codes with the new ones.

6. Warning! Backurl has changed after Anti AdBlock setup

Our backurl has changed after Anti AdBlock setup so you need to update it in all your ad networks.
Copy your backurl in AdSpyglass webmaster panel.

and replace ‘’ by your subdomain name:

Example: ->

You can find information how to add backurl for your favorite ad network:

7. HTTPS sites

Our system creates SSL certificates for all users by itself, you just need to wait approximately 1,5 hour.

8.Check our scripts operability (optional)

If you awant to ensure that our scripts work properly, check out this manual.

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