1. Link your favourite ad networks to AdSpyglass

Although we recommend linking 5-6 ad networks for better performance, you can start with only 3 networks and add more of them later. The table with ad networks on this page can help you to choose. Use filters above the table to see CPMs by countries and ad types. So you can always find an ad network that will work better for your traffic.

Select ad networks for which you have accounts by clicking ‘Link’ or register new ones by clicking ‘Get account’. We have a full step-by-step guide for each network, you may find it in column “Manual”.

If your favourite ad network is absent from the list, please contact us by email support@adspyglass.com and make a request.

2. Enter credentials of your ad networks

Follow instructions on the top of the page in admin panel.
There are 2 methods of linking your account: 1) via ad network API and 2) Default method (recommended). The API method works fast and doesn’t require your password, but sometimes you will not be able to import ad zones automatically.

3. Set up backurls

Ad Networks don’t buy 100% of your traffic. That’s why you need to set up backurls to avoid wasting any unsold traffic that has been returned from the ad networks. Copy your universal backurl from the section Ad Networks and set them up for every ad network that needs it:

  • AdCash.com — make request for your AdCash support manager.
  • AdsTerra.com — make request for your AdsTerra support manager.
  • Clickadu.com — make request for your Clickadu support manager.
  • Clickaine.com — insert copied backurl to the field ‘Return URL’ in Clickaine admin panel.
  • Ero-Advertising.com — insert copied backurl to the field ‘Return URL Speedclicks’ in Ero-Advertising admin panel.
  • ExoClick.com — insert copied backurl to the field ‘Return URL’ in ExoClick admin panel.
  • FPCTraffic.com — insert copied backurl to the section ‘Dasboard’ in FPCTraffic admin panel.
  • HilltopAds.com — backurl is created automatically.
  • JuicyAds.com — insert copied backurl to the field ‘Return URL’ in JuicyAds admin panel.
  • PropellerAds.com — make request for your PropellerAds support manager.
  • RoyalAds.net — insert copied backurl to the ad zones section in the ad network admin panel.
  • TrafficForce.com — insert copied backurl to the ad zones section in the ad network admin panel .
  • TrafficShop.com — backurl is created automatically.

You can also find information how to add backurl for your favourite ad network in the ad network webmasters panel or in the manuals.

4. Link at least three ad networks before going to the next Step.

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