After websites and spots have been added it’s time to add campaigns and creatives for them.

1. Add campaigns

Campaign is a group of creatives with common properties such as type and size. For example, a campaign could be comprised of several banners of the same size.

If you’ve already created campaigns automatically in Step 2, go to №3. Add creatives to campaigns.
If you haven’t created campaigns yet, follow next steps:

1.1. Press the button ‘Add campaign’ to create a new campaign

1.2. Choose the following points in the settings:

  • Stream – it should be the same as stream type which you’ve chosen in the spot settings.
  • Type – ad format.
  • Size – only for banners.

RON – is marked by default. It means that your campaign will work in all spots. If you want to choose specific spots, you need to unmark it. After this choose spots which you want to use.

2. Add creatives to campaigns

Creative is an object that contains all the data for visually rendering the ad itself. It can be a code or a link. AdSpyglass supports 6 types of creatives: popunder, direct link, banner, instant messenger, push notification, in-video (VAST, videoslider).

2.1. Add creative to the campaign

The easiest way is to use mass import by clicking ‘Import creatives from Ad networks’. Use drag and drop.

Some ad networks don’t support creatives import. Add such creatives manually by clicking ‘add creative’ button.

2.2. Choose ‘ad network’ from the list, insert ‘link url’ and ‘Zone ID’

Link url and Zone ID you will find in the ad network admin panel (ask your ad network manager if you can’t find them). More info you can find in Ad Networks Manuals.

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