1. Click ‘Add websites’ button

2. Add your websites

2.1 Set stream
Stream — a general category (mainstream, gay, toon, trans or non-adult).

2.2 Add a list of your websites to ‘domains’ field
Domains — a list of your websites domains.
AdSpyglass system allows to use only one code for all your websites for easier setup. If you have a lot of similar websites, you can add only one and use its codes (or direct links) on other websites.
You can add several websites at the same time (one domain per row).

2.3 Add spots and campaigns for your websites by checking boxes at the right side.
You can add campaigns now or at the next step manually.
Spot — ad space on your site (popunder, banner or IM). In the field ‘Create spots for these sites’ you can automatically create spots for your sites by checking predefined ones. You can also add spots manually as well.
Campaigns are created for each spots to make possible to add ad zones in them later. Different ad zones let our system make a price rotation and increase your revenue.

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